Pac-Rim Advisory

We are a multiservice advisory platform company whose primary focus is to provide expert advise and access to companies on cross border transactions in such industries as finance, real estate, technology, food, healthcare, agriculture and other sectors.

Our founders have a varied and vast back ground in government service, technology operations and investment banking, speak several languages and rely on over 60 years of collective expertise in such areas.  Our two principals are headquartered in California with advisors located in Beijing China, Latin America, Europe and The United States.

The culture and backgrounds of the founders allow our firm to focus primarily in China and Latin America.  China is the largest country in the world in land mass and has the largest population, with over 1.3 billion people. China’s economic growth has been both rapid and steady over the last three decades, according to the National Statistics Bureau of China.  The growth domestic product (GDP) as of 2012 reached a record high of 52 trillion RMB or about $8.3 trillion U.S.

According to BBVA Research, (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria) www.bbva.com, Argentinian global financial services group founded in 1857) global expansion will continue in 2014 (3.6%) and 2015 (3.9%), this time with a greater contribution from developed economies. Despite certain market tensions we expect that as the their economic expansion continues a stronger middle class is emerging in certain countries as a result of government policies such as those in Mexico led by newly elected Presiden Enrique Pena Nieto.  In addition Brazil is expecting to show economic expansion as well as they receive global visibility due to the 2016 Olympic Games and the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  According to BBC the News, Brazil will grow at twice the expected growth in the next few years despite the slow down it incurred in 2013.  As previously noted the advent of The Olympics, the FIFA World Cup and financial actions by the government will be some of the primary contributors and drivers that will have a positive effect on the economy as the largest country in Latin America continues to evolve as a defacto economic and energy leader.

Joe Martinez

Joe Martinez

Founder & Managing Partner

Mr. Martinez is financial and technology executive who brings years of global technology and investment banking relationships to Pac-Rim.  His focus with Pac-Rim is to use those relationships to bridge the need for cross border transactions in these areas to provide financing opportunities.

Wen Hong

Wen Hong

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Mr. Hong is a financial and public executive who uses his extensive network in the Far East to form business and political relationships with companies and governments that provide the bases for financing partnerships.  Mr. Hong and Mr. Martinez have collaborated and worked together for close to 20 years when they were technology CEO’s in mutually aligned businesses.

Mr. Martinez is a senior executive in the financial and technology sectors.  He started his career with Xerox Corporation, was an early executive at ROLM – a Silicon Valley startup that was sold to IBM.  At IBM he managed enterprise teams focused on IBM’s top accounts.  After IBM Mr. Martinez held senior level positions (CEO, CFO and Chairman) in both public and private companies that he funded via private equity and sold successfully.

Following a successful career as an operating executive and entrepreneur he started and led the technology investment banking group for Citigroup in Southern California.  In addition Mr. Martinez co-founded and served as the President of a regional full service investment banking firm which was sold to e*Trade. After the sale he moved to Palo Alto and was the co-founder, President and CEO of Centaur Partners, the technology and media division of Wunderlich Securities and was a venture partner with Osprey Ventures.

Since 2003 he has led Core Venture Partners a financial advisory and consultancy firm that he formed to assist emerging and middle market companies in all aspects of capital formation, merger and acquisition advisory and management consulting.  The operating and investment banking experience has provided Mr. Martinez with a global perspective on all aspects of capital formation having traveled and engaged clients in Asia, Latin America, and Europe.  He is an advisor and sits on the board of several companies including a global internet company, and is the Chief Investment Officer of a real estate investment fund focused on multifamily investments.

As a volunteer he has served on the City of Irvine’s Planning Commission and the city’s Investment Advisory Committee.  In addition to his community involvement, Mr. Martinez was selected to serve on The Ronald Reagan Foundation’s Advisory Council. www.reaganfoundation.org

Mr. Martinez served in the US Army as a platoon leader and attended the Infantry school at Fort Benning GA, Adams State University and has graduate degrees from the University of Denver.

Over the past 30 years, Mr. Hong has been involved in the banking, financial, investment, public service and food service industries and is recognized as an influential advisor and expert for companies doing business between China and the United States.   He served as Senior Advisor for the Global Advisory Committee of Redwood Securities.

Mr. Hong previously served as California State Deputy Treasurer.  During the earlier part of his state government service, he was in charge of the Health and Education Financing Authorities responsible for the approval of billions of state tax exempt bonds for non-profit healthcare institutions such as Kaiser Permanente and Catholic Healthcare System and educational institutions such as the University of Southern California.  Later he was appointed head of the Investment Division of the Treasurer’s office responsible for investing billions of State revenue in short term fixed income securities.  He also represented the Treasurer on the governing board of both the California Public Employee Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Teachers Retirement system (CalSTRS) responsible for the oversight of both investment funds with a combined asset total of over $175 billion.

Mr. Hong also served as Senior Executive of Panda Restaurant Group; which operates over 1500 Panda Express stores in the US and Mexico.   He is a Senior Advisor for the Beijing based China Global Advisory, Ltd.